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Besides the routine preoperative evaluation and medical clearance, patients undergoing bandaid surgery will have a standard colonic prep. Our patients traveling from out of town typically elect to stay at the family house one day prior to surgery. This allows them the convenience of staying on the hospital campus the day prior to surgery at a nominal cost.

Using our approach, our patients undergoing bandaid surgery are typically discharged 3-4 days after their colon resection and are completely recovered 10 days after surgery. We have extensive experience performing the following operations via a bandaid approach: colon resection (right hemicolectomy, left hemicolectomy, sigmoid colectomy, and total abdominal colectomy), low anterior resection (proctectomy), coloanal J pouch, abdominoperineal resection (APR), restorative proctocolectomy (ileoanal pouch procedure), appendectomy and incisional hernia.

Our staff is committed to excellence in patient care. We emphasize the importance of patient education and focus on improving the quality of their lives. Once patients enter our practice, we are committed to them for their lifetime.

Jennifer Madey, RN: Our nurse coordinator comes to Bandaid Surgery, PC with close to a decade of experience at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Jennifer has extensive surgical and critical care experience. She is a invaluable resource for patient education and is committed to our mission of delivering world class patient care. For our current patients with nursing questions, Jennifer can be reached additionally by e-mail at jenRN@bandaidsurgery.com

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