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Laparoscopic Colon Surgery

Laparoscopic colon surgery, also known as band-aid colon surgery, is a revolutionary colorectal surgical technique pioneered and perfected by Dr. David Blumberg, a Board Certified General and Colorectal Surgeon while in the Department of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Most colon operations are performed either via a full length abdominal incision- open colectomy or an incision half the length of the abdomen, partially laparoscopically ("laparoscopic-assisted colectomy"). Dr. Blumberg has the unique experience, expertise, technical instrumentation and track record of performing the entire colon operation laparoscopically (total laparoscopic colon resection ).

Dr. Blumberg refers to this cutting edge technique as "band-aid colon surgery" due to the use of incisions no greater than 1-2 inches. Instead of making an incision the full length of the abdomen, laparoscopic colon surgery (colon resection) involves just three to four small incisions. This novel approach to laparoscopic colon surgery results in less discomfort, quicker recovery, and improved cosmetic look. In many cases, recovery time is reduced by half. The approach assures successful treatment of patients' illnesses while minimizing the trauma of traditional surgery.

Because of these beneficial quality-of-life effects, laparoscopic colectomy and colon resection surgery is becoming a new standard for most colon diseases including polyps, colon cancer, rectal cancer, ulcerative colitis, Crohns disease, rectal prolapse and diverticulitis.

For a full description of how colon surgery is performed laparoscopically, see " What is Band-Aid Surgery?" For additional information on Dr. Blumberg and his work, view his professional background.

To learn more about the possibility of laparoscopic colon surgery for yourself, a patient, or someone you know, feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone at 412-682-3333.

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